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Stop Negotiating with Yourself

And just do it.

I attended a group meditation led by my teacher on Monday and this was his final thought for us.

"Stop negotiating with yourself and just do it."

That is the shortest answer as to why I started to write today. I have talked myself out of doing this FOREVER. I am so good at listing all of the reasons an idea won't work.

Here's how it usually (always) goes for me.

1. Get a great idea. Something creative. Something productive. Something that will pay me money! It doesn't matter.

2. Spend hours researching, mulling it over, planning, wishing, and dreaming about how to make it all happen. Bask in imagined glory.

3. Take a shower. Or walk my dogs. Or find some disturbing, impossible fact about great idea.

4. Sober up and realize that all the things I thought possible in the morning are now, in fact, absolutely impossible/scary/difficult and go back to the drawing board, defeated.

I don't know how many times all of you have gone back to the drawing board, but as of Monday night, I was tired of putting these ideas on hold. Truthfully, I still don't know where you and I are headed, but YOU HAVE TO START SOMEWHERE.

So today, I would like to encourage you to stop fretting, stop negotiating and just do it. There are always going to be a million reasons to delay or cancel or erase an idea. I decided that today is the day I stop. And guess what? I believe in you! If you're feeling brave, write something you want to make happen in the comments and use that as the first step in making a dream, however big, however small, come true.

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