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Succulent Planters

Hello Friends!

I'm excited to share a super easy, super cute project with you today. It's inexpensive and rather fun. You will feel crafty. You will feel accomplished. You will become the go-to queen of succulents, Instagram's most famous stars!

What you're gonna need:

1. a couple succulent cuttings

2. a scoop of succulent/cactus dirt

3. any sort of container, preferably one             you can up cycle

This is almost embarrassingly easy, but your friends are not going to know that! They are going to receive these small, singular terrariums and think you are a garden goddess!

For this (extensive) tutorial, I used glass yogurt pots. Yoplait started making these french-style yogurts called Oui! this year and they come in glass pots! Even better, the labels tend to peel off easily.

I picked up the succulent dirt at a local garden store, but it's also available here on Amazon.

Succulents can be found everywhere these days, but if you want to buy in bulk and save some money, Etsy is a great place to do your shopping. I love Western Succulents and recommend you purchase 15-20 cuttings. Now go eat some yogurt!

Layer in the dirt and plant your succulent cutting in the center of the pot. If you have small rocks or pebbles around, you can fill the bottom of the pot with them to add extra drainage, but I haven't found this step to be necessary.

Do water your succulent after it's first planted, but then leave it alone until the dirt is bone dry! Most succulents die from overwatering.

Place in a sunny spot!

Author's Note: For my planters, I have used yogurt pots, china tea cups, saki glasses, and (my favorite) copper plumbing caps.  I gave them as wedding favors at my wedding, and I've still got five growing today! Get creative!

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